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My name is Junior. I am a Doctoral Student in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT.
I also work in MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

I am currently trying to study both the computational foundations of human moral intelligence, and the algorithmic principles necessary for designing a machine moral intelligence.

I am also the host of the podcast "Naturally Artificial | Bridging the Gap between Minds and Machines".
Here, I have conversations with prominent scholars about how unresolved problems in Cognitive Science can be leveraged to serve our collective 

Junior C. Okoroafor

Publications/Working Papers

Okoroafor, J., Myers, S., Everett, J. (in prep). The Blessing of Contractualism: Moral Advice Taking is Greatest for Contractualist AI.

Okoroafor, J. (2022). When Morality and Metacognition intersect: The Function of Metacognition in Moral Decision-Making. Undergraduate Thesis. Available upon request.



I currently live in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Outside of research, I practice vipassana meditation, dance and play games of poker and basketball.

Before Cambridge, I lived in Oxford, United Kingdom - where I did my undergrad in Experimental Psychology at Wadham College, University of Oxford.

I identify as British-Nigerian and use he/him pronouns.

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